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Is there a millionaire trapped inside of you?

Join thousands of Fastlane Entrepreneurs who have ditched the suffocating paradigm of frugal survival and have resurrected their dreams, reclaimed their power, and made financial freedom a reality.

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Over 1,000,000 sold worldwide

The above represents just a small sampling of authentic REAL press, not the fake BS that is often complicitly manufactured by cheap publisher press-releases.

The Millionaire Fastlane by @MJDeMarco changed my life from the very moment I finished it, sitting in my car, making $9/hour as a security guard, all the way to starting my own business and buying a Porsche within 3 years.


Matt Karamazov

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Hey @MJDeMarco wanted to say how your book inspired me to join the Fastlane. I just made in a week what I used to make in a month. Thank you.


Pier F., S. Africa

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Have you been duped into financial enslavement over financial freedom?

"I'm a bug-eating millionaire living a woodshed!"

fire fail

If you haven't noticed, the mainstream media is working overtime to redefine financial freedom.

When I was young, financial freedom meant Lamborghinis, fine dining, and a dream house in the hills.

Today financial freedom means calling yourself a millionaire while fanatically brooding over suffocating budgets and how you can save another marginal buck out of your paycheck. Today financial freedom means driving a used car with 150,000 miles, not buying your spouse a birthday gift, and selling the same miserable existence to other people.

Let me be clear. And it doesn't matter if you're a broke coed or one of these FIRE clowns who pounds his chest about "retiring early." If you're micromanaging every dollar in your life and thinking about money every passing hour, you're not financially free—you're financially enslaved.

Financial freedom is walking into a store and not looking at prices. Financial freedom is deleting the Excel spreadsheets and nullifying the word "budget" from your life. Financial freedom is courtside NBA seats, impulsive shopping sprees, and living in a dream house that would rival any five-star resort.*  Simply put, financial freedom is when you no longer think about money.

If you want to suffer a tyrannical lifetime dictated by strict budgets and stock market returns, any one of the 1,420,204 books on personal finance will do. However, if you want absolute financial freedom—the kind where money is inconsequential—The Millionaire Fastlane is the only book that shows you exactly how.

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* This actually describes my life for the last 20 years!

I developed a new idea which led to my current Fastlane business. At 33, I now average between $140K and $180k/month in profit which is an amount I could have not comprehended when I first started my journey.

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Clayton R., TX

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We recently crossed over 3 million units sold, from working in a pet store at 18 for $8.50 an hour, to dropping out and hitting 7-figures profit at 21... Millionaire Fastlane was one of the main drivers behind my success. I'm not sure how I can repay you...

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Tony I, Florida

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What's your financial strategy and its likely lifetime outcome if nothing changes?

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I made a million dollars in SAAS. It began in January 2018 when I read @MJDeMarco 's book "The Millionaire Fastlane" and decided I wanted to start a SaaS because I read that it was a great business model.


R. Chase, Detroit MI

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Most personal finance experts are professional liars selling survival finance...

Saving $100/month from your paycheck for untold decades won't make you filthy rich; it makes you fantastically foolish.

financial guru hypocrites

Everything you've been taught about personal finance and wealth is bullshit, skillfully foisted upon you by a cartel of media-complicit bullshitters. The greatest deception ever cast upon you is this stale, recycled idea that militant frugality, suffocating saving, and dogmatic investing will someday make you rich. 

Here's the unsettling truth: Pick up any popular book about personal finance or wealth, and you'll read about an ugly pig called the Slowlane, but with different colors of lipstick. The Slowlane dogma sounds something like this:

Stop drinking Starbucks, stop dining out, stop wearing trendy clothes, stop driving newer cars, stop flushing the toilet and wasting water, stop this, stop that because one day—after you've religiously invested every cent saved from your boring life into an index fund—you're going to be rich!

No, saving money is not foolish. What's foolish is this ideology that investing a tiny percentage of your paycheck will yield wealth sometime in the distant future. Using this strategy for wealth is like throwing the local college's soccer club up against Manchester United and expecting them to win. Saving pitiful amounts of money simply can't compete against a volatile job market, mortal life-expectancy, and rampant government-induced inflation.

You're bringing a butter knife to a gunfight.

The Slowlane is survival finance. The paradigm shift is realizing the paradigm is shit. The solution to this insanity of living life to the lessor is not to sharpen your butter knife, but to throw it away. The Millionaire Fastlane isn't about surviving, it's about thriving

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It was your book that made me realize to grow an asset. My company is value at 8X revenue, so about $20 million. I'm shooting for a $100 million valuation by next year.

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Curtis, L., CT

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2021 edition 2018 edition original tmf

 Translated in over 25 languages

Will you be the next entrepreneur to create life-changing wealth?  

Don't let the cheezy title fool you.

Since 2010, The Millionaire Fastlane and the CENTS Framework has guided thousands of  struggling entrepreneurs and former ex-employees into more than just a bill-paying career. The Millionaire Fastlane has guided them into life-changing wealth, untethered freedom, and massive personal fulfillment. Stop surviving and start thriving.

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My 26th birthday is in a couple weeks. I have 3 companies, my main ecommerce company is doing 7-figures and it will hit $10M+ within the next 2 years. Everyday I wake up I can do whatever I want, nobody tells me what I can do, my life is a product of the thoughts I had when I read MJ's book and what I envisioned for myself.

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Roc, P., Boise ID

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Beware of best-selling authors and financial "coaches" pushing ascetic, monk-like living.

Read between the lines...

you'll own nothing and be happy

The millionaire next door lives like a broke coed. The new psychology of money is to be so fanatically possessed by money you'll need a priest and an exorcist. Money, master the game by not playing the same game that made me rich. And my favorite, I will teach you to be rich by making you more poor by selling you a training course that costs more than 3 brand new iPhones.

Follow the advice therein and you won't earn financial freedom; you'll earn my condolences. You just swallowed the blue pill, a lifetime prison of mediocrity and abstinence. Yes, you'll own nothing, buy nothing, do nothing, and be happy.

Don't let any best-selling author convince you (or the media outlets pushing them) that financial enslavement in your vibrant youth is a good bet for financial freedom in your elderly twilight.


These best-selling authors live fabulously without financial burdens, but not because they stayed away from Starbucks two million times, but because two million people bought the BS in their book. Thousands bought their upsells. In other words, they sold the Slowlane, but got rich in the Fastlane.

You see, there's an ugly truth behind every personal finance bookWhat they sell doesn't create life-changing wealth; it creates life-inhibiting bondage. But, if they sell the Slowlane scheme to enough fools who believe it, they can escape the very paradigm they promote.

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I found The Millionaire Fastlane and @MJDeMarco back in 2014... Within 2 months I had an e-commerce business going and after 6 months had 50k+ in gross sales. I've bought it multiple times to give as a gift. Pick it up, you will not regret it.

 Tired of Scumbag Gurus?

Learning how to make a fortune should not cost a fortune.

Tired of fake "rent a Lambo" gurus, high pressure marketing funnels and big ticket upsells?

you'll own nothing and be happy

Hello, my name is MJ DeMarco, and I've been an entrepreneur my entire life. My career has allowed me to make tens of millions of dollars over my life, including the ability to pursue my passion for writing. In short, I've been living a dream for over 20 years.

Today, I am the founder of Viperion Publishing (the publisher of The Millionaire Fastlane) and The Fastlane Forum, a worldwide community for Fastlane entrepreneurs seeking to escape the cult of mediocrity. I'm also the co-founder of, an intuitive task and productivity system designed to engineer a roadmap to your best life.

If you were anything like me when I was twenty, you've become disillusioned and distrustful of slick-talking gurus who sell big promises at big prices.

After my second business exit and realizing I never had to work another day in my life, I started writing The Millionaire Fastlane. I wrote the book as if I were in a time machine and could write to my younger self, a period rife with failures, mistakes, and dumb ideas. With zero sugarcoating, what had I wished I known? If I could go back and speak to 21-year-old me, what lessons would I impart?

A few years later,  The Millionaire Fastlane was born. And the book came with  a promise: I would never use high-pressure sales funnels and push people into an upsell at any price. Yes, no expensive seminars. No high-priced coaching programs or training courses. No personal mentorships if only pay me $10,000.

As an author, I promised my readers that there would never be "more to buy" to get to the "secret sauce." Any of my books will lead you to financial freedom without the oppresive frugality and cult-like saving schemes. Read one, or read them all. You will never be sold anything else.

I'll leave you with this even if you decide to pass on reading my book. Learning how to make a fortune should never cost a fortune. If it does, put away the credit card and run the other way. I've heard far too many horror stories about a $5000 "coaching program" that didn't deliver same punch as my book.

Read it and change your life.

And spare yourself from ever having to fall for another guru pitch again.

My best wishes for your success and happiness,

mj signature

MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur and Author

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