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Are you taking fitness advice from a fat man? Read one of those “how to get rich” or “how to become a millionaire” articles plastered on the front page of Yahoo Finance and you just might. Let me be blunt: The advice spewed in these articles is a joke, and the joke's on you.

Read At Your Risk

Meet the Man Behind The International Best-Seller “The Millionaire Fastlane”

(Well OK, he's a little bit older now...)


Financial gurus hate him. Your parents want you to ignore him. Your boss fears him: MJ DeMarco is the mastermind behind Fastlane, a revolutionary global phenomena where 1000s have declared “hell no” to the outdated template on life and “hell yea!” to living an entrepreneurial dream.

Meet Me Now

Sales Pitch? We Don't Need No Stinking Sales Pitch! Here's the Ball-Busting Truth!

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For.

Ok, so I'll spare you the drama of a sales pitch.

Here's the scoop plain and simple: If you ever want a chance at becoming a millionaire (and doing it while you're still young) you need to give my book a read.

Thousands of people have bought it and agree.

While I don't need your ten bucks (and Ill prove that to you later) I'm really trying to change your life.

Seriously— no shitting.

This Book Is a Gamechanger!
This book is packed with information and extremely well written. I have read most of the seminal works on how to create wealth and build businesses, and most of them are great at one aspect or another, but few are as comprehensive as Fastlane.

Tired of Fake Gurus? Join the Club.

As for myself, I'm an ENTREPRENEUR first and an AUTHOR second. I became a millionaire by age 31. Several years later, I sold my company (for the 2nd time around) for a multimillion dollar cash valuation and *unofficially* retired.

No, there is not a picture of me standing next to my Lamborghini. Yes, I've owned a few but I understand the reality. No story stinking of GURUness is ever complete without the tacky sports car picture, guru leaning on it, smiling ear to ear. Not going to happen. If that impresses you, you won't find value in my message.

Anyhow, what's important is this: Every morning I wake up and do whatever the hell I want. I have no job. No alarm clock. No boss. No mortgage. No car payment. No bills. (Well, the electric bill needs to be paid because I like it cold, especially during the Phoenix summer.)

I have what every cubicle grinding person wants... financial freedom which ultimately translates into REAL FREEDOM.

However, as any young person who comes into a little money will tell you, retirement is great initially, but eventually it gets excruciatingly boring. Yes, even Lamborghinis get old.

At that point, I decided to embark on a new career as an author. The Millionaire Fastlane was my first project, tackled for (3) reasons...

  1. Most gurus are scammers, selling affiliate marketing programs, high-ticket seminars, coaching gigs, "free trainings" blah blah blah. I'm an author and I will NEVER, repeat NEVER, sell a high-priced seminar, mastermind, or mentorship. Period!
  2. Most "gurus" aren't millionaires at all and if you're gonna take money advice from someone, shouldn't that be important? (That video they shot from their crappy one-bedroom apartment should have given you a clue, don't ya think?)
  3. I thought it was time for the truth to be told: I gag every time I hear a financial guru piss, err, I mean preach, about how clipping coupons, investing in the stock market, and “do what you love” makes millionaires.

Give me a f*cking break.

You deserve better.

Best Book on Wealth!
This is by far the best book ever written on the subject, better than Rich Dad Poor Dad, better than Think and Grow Rich, better than any book by Donald Trump, this book breaks it down. Believe the hype!

The Truth Be Told...


Here's the truth any millionaire under 35, including myself, will tell you: Millionaire wealth has NOTHING to do with the stock market, it has NOTHING to do with clipping coupons, and it has NOTHING to do with a great job and a 401(k).

C'mom man, think about it.

Have you ever met a millionaire in his 20s or 30s who got rich because he clipped coupons and had an awesome 401(k)?

I know, wholesale absurdity.

If you want to create the type of wealth that will change your life (I'm talking about $100,000+/per month here, not the typical guru swan song “make 10K a month” crap— big fucking deal) you truly have to ditch the freaking 9-5, tear up the old plan, and get kicking on a new roadmap— I call it “Fastlane Entrepreneurship”.

Life Changing...
There's moments in your life where a light bulb just seems to turn on, a switch just seems to flip. If you're looking to induce once of these, look no further than this book. This is by far the BEST business book written hands down.

Join An Entrepreneurial Revolution

The Fastlane philosophy goes beyond just business and finance: It's a lifestyle and a mindset. Fastlaners are a small, but tightly connected group bound by a common purpose: To create value on a worldwide scale while creating personal wealth along the journey.

It's truly a process where you will discover that “living the dream” happens instantaneously.

Not only does my book explain the details, more importantly, it explains why your current "Slowlane" road (jobs, stock market investing, mindless scrimp-and-save, etc.) is nothing more but a lifelong condemnation into the prison of mediocrity.


Some warnings: If you're expecting a book full of blue-skies, fairy tales and unicorns (ya know, shit like "do what you love!" or "follow your passion!") you're going to be disappointed— save your money. That crap sells books, but it doesn't make millionaires.

Additionally, the front half of my book is likely to have you crying for mercy since it covers your piss-poor decision-making and your wannabe millionaire lifestyle— all of which are 1st class tickets straight into poverty— regardless of how much money you make. (Yea, that pro athlete that just filed bankruptcy? Ten bucks spent on Fastlane and it would have saved him a fortune, and it will you too.)

So.... that said, I want to tell you that financial freedom is something that cannot be explained or described on some random webpage— it's truly a dream where you never wake up.

I'd love for you to join me and other dedicated Fastlaners who have resurrected their dreams and taken the leap from indentured employee to liberated entrepreneur. Strap yourself in— the journey won't be easy but it won't be crowded like the 7AM morning commute.

bird And hey, if you're really feeling charitable, here's an added benefit that would help me immensely: If you buy Fastlane, you give me the awesome chance at telling mainstream publishers "f*ck you" -- The Millionaire Fastlane has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and is being translated into multiple languages -- despite it's success, no publisher would touch it.

Gee, I wonder why?

Henceforth in my Shakespearean tone, I hath bequeath to you The Millionaire Fastlane.

From ex-NFL football players, to ex-cons, to ex-cubicle warriors; thousands have "ditched and switched" Slowlane for Fastlane -- make the move today and maybe tomorrow we can meet on the beach and share one of those fat umbrella drinks.

I know I know... so cliche.

MJ sig

Should Come With a Warning...
This book is simply the best entrepreneurial book I have ever read. This book needs to come with some type of warning on the cover. Something to the effect of “Warning, reading this book is hazardous to your job”.

Is There A Fastlane Millionaire In You?

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Must Read, Uniquely Entertaining
This is a no nonsense in-your-face reality of what it takes to accomplish your dreams and live the lifestyle most only dream about. Hands down, it's the best business book I've read (and I've read all the classics!)

The 3 Financial Roadmaps for Wealth

The Sidewalk

*Sidewalk (Sidh-wahlk; noun): A financial plan that does not exist in concept or form, but exists in mindset, usually in the form of welfare, lottery tickets, casino gambling, and other various forms of "get rich quick" actions. Sidewalkers are event-driven and seek the quick-n-easy in any endeavor. Motivated by instant gratification and culturally plugged-in, Sidewalkers sacrifice their future for a pleasurable now, resulting in little to no net worth.

Usage: "OMG, did you hear about that Sidewalker who won the lottery and still collected welfare?"

The Slowlane

*Slowlane (Slo-layn; noun): A dogmatic financial plan based on the fatal presumption that 40 to 50 years of gainful employment circumscribed by frugal living, tortuous saving, and regimented stock market investing, will somehow make you a millionaire. Slowlaners often lead a life of mediocrity imprisoned by a regime of doctrines espoused and preached by famous authors and radio personalities. Slowlaners sacrifice their today, for the promise of a freer tomorrow.

Usage: "OMG, clipping coupons for 3 hours so you could save twenty bucks is so Slowlane."

The Fastlane

*Fastlane (Fahst-layn; noun): An enterprising financial plan based on leveraged entrepreneurship that creates extraordinary incomes and asset values in short periods of time, circumscribed by the (5) Fastlane Commandments of Need, Entry, Control, Scale, and Time. Fastlaners are process-driven recognizing that positive events are by-products of that process. Fastlaners consider their time their most precious asset, not worthy of prostitution for a paycheck.

Usage: "OMG, he just sold his company for $15 million - that is so Fastlane."
If You Like Money, Buy the Book
I'm confident if someone reads this book and implements what MJ teaches, you'll be wealthy. The game is easy. The problem is, most people decide to sit the whole game out, or play their whole life by the wrong rules.

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