Contact MJ

Contact MJ

Your best bet at contacting MJ is via his forum. While he has several social media accounts, he is not very active on them.

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Over 1,000,000 sold worldwide

Social Media

MJ is on social media at many venues, although engagement and activity varies. See notation.


Activity and Engagement: Low

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Activity and Engagement: High


Activity and Engagement: Low to None


Activity and Engagement: Medium


Activity and Engagement: High

Linked In

Activity and Engagement: Low

Need advice?

The best place to receive advice from me and fellow Fastlaners is to visit the Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum. I visit and contribute there regularly.

fastlane forum

The Fastlane Forum

If you have questions about a Fastlane strategy or want to network with other Fastlaners, join us here! It is FREE and I visit here daily!

fastlane forum

Message Me

Email me via the forum. Please note: Due to the volume of requests, it is impossible for me to respond to all inquiries.

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