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Frequently asked questions about The Millionaire Fastlane or MJ DeMarco

Here are several common questions asked about MJ DeMarco, or The Millionaire Fastlane as asked on The Fastlane Forum.

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The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Questions about The Millionaire Fastlane

What makes Fastlane different from other books about wealth?

Well, for starters, I wrote it without giving thought to who or what I might piss off. That means it contains a lot of uncensored truth; yes, much of it is uncomfortable...

Second, I wrote it to expose the actual reality behind creating wealth which is lightyears different from what the "mainstream" preaches. And finally, the Fastlane strategy is the strategy that made me a millionaire many times over. In other words, I use it and preach it. (Try getting that from your typical guru.)

How much money will Fastlane make me?

A roadmap that isn't followed leads nowhere. So, under that fact, Fastlane won't make you one dime. Only you can do the work required while following the CENTS, Fastlane framework...

If you're one of these avid book readers looking for the "holy grail" to wealth, keep looking and keep reading— you won't find it here, and you won't find it anywhere else. A map leading to buried treasure is nothing but a piece of paper; only if you follow the map and dig does it matter. "Get rich quick" exists; "get rich easy" does NOT.

Can anyone do Fastlane?

No. Fastlane isn't something you "do", it's something you live. Reading Fastlane will fire-up your probabilities at creating life-changing, millionaire-making wealth AND doing it quickly....

However, I will be candid: If the "Fastlane" was easy, everyone would be rich. The fact is, it takes discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. I outline those processes in the book to gird your expectations. Most people reading Fastlane will get excited about the information for about a week or so and then fall back into typical routines and unproductive patterns.

Is your book just an 300 page upsell into a more expensive product?

I don't have any thing more to sell you. No upsells. No seminars. No coaching programs. No big-ticket training....

This was the fact when I wrote Fastlane and today 10+ years later. In fact, this was one of the reasons why I wrote Fastlane. How many times have you read a book only to have it seem like a 300 page advertisement for the author's seminars, DVD programs, or consulting business? The information in this book is the exact thing I would teach my son or daughter. There is nothing more to buy to get the real meat.

I'm trying to fund a startup, will your book help me?

Fastlane will give you the five essential commandments to a successful business. With a successful business, funding is more likely. With a profitable business, you can fund your own ventures...

Fastlane is great startup manual; however, it is not a guide on how to obtain capital from venture capitalists, investors, and banks.

Is Fastlane a "how to" book?

Yes and No. The best way to describe "Fastlane" is it outlines a definitive roadmap or a blueprint to wealth. The CENTS Framework is a structural guideline for creating business ventures that makes life-changing wealth....

Metaphorically, if someone gave you a roadmap that leads to fortune, it is your job to follow the map and choose your roads to travel. Some may walk, some may ride a bike, and others may fly. The pathways (the how-tos) are yours to decide and will vary on your particular interests, strengths, and resources.

Will your book tell me exactly what the best business opportunities are?

Yes, generally speaking. No, specifically. The CENTS Framework intuitively gives you insight into opportunities which should be pursued, or forgotten....

Fastlane, however, will not tell you specific industries or fields in which to enter as these dynamically change over time. Reminder, Fastlane was written over 10 years ago and it is AS RELEVANT today as it was ten years ago. It's message is transcendent and evergreen. In other words, Fastlane worked yesterday, it works today, and it will work ten years in the future.

Why can't I find your book at the bookstore?

Fastlane can be ordered at any bookstore and is shelved in some US bookstores. You are more likely to find Fastlane at a bookstore in Paris, France, or Seoul, South Korea (in their respective language) than in America...

I self-published Fastlane because I felt it was important to "practice what I preach." While self-publishing has many benefits (namely control and profitability), the main drawback is that it is more challenging to get bookstore exposure. If you don't find Fastlane at your bookstore, order it there or hit Amazon.

I already own a business, will your book help me?

Absolutely. The book covers the basics of Fastlane business which is the difference between a business that makes you a fortune and a business that pays the bills...

Fastlane can help you identify structural deficiencies in your product line or business model that can make the difference between earning $5000 a month and $500,000 a year.

Questions about MJ DeMarco

Are you just another guru getting rich selling books about getting rich?

No, I lived a dream and considered myself financially independent before writing Fastlane. I'm not a guru, and I don't need this book to make me rich. As mentioned above, I don't offer courses, seminars, or big-ticket upsells...

Gurus use books as a means to an end called a "trip-wire." A trip-wire is like bait that funnels into a more expensive product like a $5000 coaching program. One of my companies is a publishing company, and my products are books. However, there is nothing more to buy. As mentioned above, I wrote Fastlane after semi-retiring to focus on my passion for writing. However, any author who successfully sells millions of books is likely to get rich or richer. The latter would be my case.

Why should I listen to you? You got lucky.

Yes, I was lucky to be born in a country with relative economic freedom. I was lucky not to be starving and to have access to clean water. From there, my luck stops...

Which puts me as lucky as one-half of the planet. As for luck in business, I don't believe in luck. I do, however, believe in probability. If you can manipulate probability, you can manipulate luck. And probability can be influenced when you have the right beliefs followed by the right choices. While the rest of the world needs to correctly call ten coin flips in a row to get rich, a Fastlane strategy is like correctly calling one.

Can you invest in my business? I have a great idea.

I look at deals occassionally, but you'd better have a real product, with real customers, and real revenues. I don't review or comment on "ideas" as they're worthless...

Investors look at people with successful track records and/or tangible evidence of execution. If you lack one or both, work on getting either as they hold the key to getting an investor's attention, including mine.

What is your net worth?

None of your business. Just kidding. Being an author about money and financial freedom, I understand that many would be curious about my net worth. Some of the answers I've seen on the internet are both amusing and inaccurate. ...

The answer is complex, as people with a net worth greater than $10M tend to have much of it locked up in illiquid business assets. (See this chart) Based on fair, historical valuations of my business ventures, my net worth (including the bulk of my assets held in an irrevocable trust) is roughly 21 - $25 million. While that might not seem like a lot for the harshest of critics, keep in mind that for the last 15 years, I've lived quite the stress free life of leisure, a nice mix of business and pleasure.

Do you do any consulting?

Rarely because consulting is a direct trade of time for money. Once in awhile I'll accept a consulting gig if I find it interesting and potentially enjoyable...

If you think what you're doing fits that mold, contact me. As a service to readers, I'm also willing to do personal Cameos on the Cameo platform if you're interested in a quick message of motivation.

Can you be my mentor?

Yes, but not the way you'd like it. I don't mentor one-on-one as most mentor-seeking-entrepreneurs aren't seeking mentorship but hand-holding and process-skipping...

I try my best to mentor 1000s of aspiring entrepreneurs at Your best bet is to sign up there (FREE) and pay attention to my posts. I visit there daily and contribute regularly. There is also a high chance I'll contribute to your posts too.

Will you speak at my business conference or on my podcast?

I'll entertain public speaking events depending on the content, duration, and compensation...

Generally, I don't do a lot of public speaking as I find it extremely time consuming, despite the rewards. As for podcasts, the same applies. Contact me for complete consideration.

Do you have any other books coming?

Yes, writing is my passion and I can do it without worrying about sales, agendas, or publisher restrictions. After I wrote The Millionaire Fastlane, thousands of people asked for a follow up....

In 2017 I released Unscripted, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship which goes deeper into the Fastlane philosophy. In 2022, I released The Great Rat Race Escape which is a hybrid book featuring a fictional story of Fastlane execution. You get to see a Fastlane executed, complete with mishaps, mistakes, and musings!

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