Fastlane: Frequently Asked Questions

About The Book...

If you want a few laughs, here are some common questions/objections/concerns about the book...

No. The best way to describe "Fastlane" is it outlines a definitive roadmap, or a blueprint to wealth. Metaphorically, if someone gave you a treasure map that leads to fortune, it is your job to follow the map and choose your roads to travel. Some may walk, some may ride a bike, others may fly. The pathways (the how-tos) are yours to decide and will vary on your particular interests, strengths, and resources.

Well for starters, I wrote it without giving thought to who or what I might piss off. That means it contains a lot of uncensored truth, and yes, much of it uncomfortable truth. Second, I wrote it to expose the real reality behind creating wealth which is a lightyears different from what the "mainstream" preaches. And finally, the Fastlane strategy is the strategy that made me a millionaire many times over. In other words, I use it, and preach it. (Try getting that from your typical guru.)

Not one dime. Yup, you read that right. My book won't make you one dime—let alone make you a millionaire— only you can do that. If you're one of these avid book readers looking for the "holy grail" to wealth keep looking and keep reading— you won't find it here and you won't find it anywhere else. A winning lottery ticket is nothing but a piece of paper; only if it's "claimed" does the money come into play. "Get rich quick" exists; "get rich easy" does NOT.

C'mon bro, use your brain. I don't have the time to hire, lure, sway, or coax thousands of people around the world to post, tweet, review, and comment on a book that makes me five bucks a copy. If you seriously believe this, do yourself a favor and save your money; critical thinking is a required skill for a Fastlaner.

Fastlane can be ordered at any bookstore and is shelved in some US stores. You are more likely to find Fastlane at a bookstore in Paris, France or Seoul, South Korea (in their respective language) rather than in America. I self-published Fastlane because I felt it was important to "practice what I preach". While self-publishing has many benefits (namely control and profitability) the main drawback is that it is more difficult to get bookstore exposure. If you don't find Fastlane at your bookstore, order it there or hit Amazon.

No. Fastlane isn't something you "do" — it's something you live. Reading Fastlane will fire-up your probabilities at creating life-changing, millionaire making wealth AND doing it quickly. However, I will be candid: If the "Fastlane" was easy, everyone would be rich. The fact is, it takes discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. I outline those processes in the book to gird your expectations. The fact is, most people that read Fastlane will get excited about the information for about a week or so, and then fall back into typical routines and unproductive patterns.

In the last 3 years, I've conducted ZERO seminars. Let me repeat that: ZERO. I don't do seminars and the book isn't trying to sell anything. In fact, this was one of the reasons why I wrote it - how many times have you read a book only to have it seem like a 300 page advertisement for the author's seminars, DVD programs, or consulting business? Not Fastlane. The information in this book is the exact thing I would teach my son or daughter.

Absolutely. The book covers the basics of Fastlane business which is the difference between a business that makes you a fortune, and a business that just pays the bills. It also covers financial discipline which many people lack. If you're interested in keeping your fortune from the ravages many professional athletes face, you will need a 100mg prescription of Fastlane.

Fastlane will give you the five essential commandments to a successful startup, as well as give you crucial details on how to get it funded. Ignore them at your own peril. The entire 1/2 of the book is dedicated to startup enterprise.

About The Author...

If you want more laughs, here are some common questions/concerns about the myself...

Yes and because you've asked for it. My intent on Fastlane was just to be a "one book" author in the business space as I don't want to become some kind of guru. However after enough emails and tweets, I've decided to write another book within the sphere of Fastlane Entrepreneurship. Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship, released in 2017 with Book 2 of the same title coming in 2019.

I was the CEO and Founder of which is a global ground transportation aggregator. I started the company at a nondescript domain in late 1997. A few years later I was able to purchase the domain in the secondary market. I sold the company in 2001, bought it back after the dot com crash, and sold it again in 2007. During my return reign as the CEO, I was able to keep the company profitable in excess of $1M every year. I no longer have any interest (financial or otherwise) with the company or its management.

I certainly did get lucky!

  • I got lucky when I successfully negotiated a great price on a great domain name back in the days of the internet gold rush.
  • I got lucky to teach myself how to program and design all aspects of a website, despite having no formal training.
  • I got lucky when I stayed home to work, instead of going out drinking with friends.
  • I got lucky when I sold my company in 2001.
  • I got lucky when I repurchased my company back into my possession at a fire-sale price. (Financial analysis? Eh, just roll the dice!)
  • I got lucky when I survived the dot-com crash when everyone else failed.
  • I got lucky to grow my company to enjoy 60+ months of consecutive profitability.
  • I got lucky to save most of everything I earned instead of squandering it on stupid dragon shirts from Nordstrom and fancy 6-figure watches.
  • I got lucky when I sold my company in 2007 to a private equity company.(again - superlucky!)
  • I got lucky to create one of the web's most visited entrepreneur forums, one that receives 1/2 million entrepreneurial hits per month.
  • I got lucky when I self-published Fastlane, able to sell hundreds of thousands around the globe, including 15 language translations. (The average self-pub book sells 400 copies; super-super-super lucky!)
  • I got lucky to be able to sit on my butt and collect royalties from having Fastlane translated and published worldwide in multiple languages.
Yup. I'm one lucky son-of-a-bitch. Now excuse me while I pack my things; I'm moving to Vegas.

Sure you can although I value my time at a premium so my fee isn't exactly affordable. Additionally, flying across the country ranks near the bottom on my 'favorite things to do' list unless you plan on putting me up in a G35.

Depends on the blog's content and my schedule. If you're blog looks like a fresh install of Wordpress that was just put up 2 days ago, uhh, probably not.

Very rarely because consulting is a direct trade of time for money. Once in awhile I'll accept a consulting gig if I find it interesting and potentially enjoyable. If you think what you're doing fits that mold, contact me.

Sure, but you'd better have a real product, with real customers, and real revenues. I don't look at "ideas" as they're worthless. Investors look at people with successful track records and/or tangible evidence of execution. If you lack one or both, work on getting either as they hold the key to getting an investor's attention, including mine.

Sure, but not on a one-on-one basis as I find most mentor-seeking-entrepreneurs aren't seeking mentorship, but hand-holding and process-skipping. I make my best attempt at mentoring 100's of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at Your best bet is to sign up there (FREE) and pay attention to my posts. I visit their daily and contribute regularly.